Dota 2 experienced a crash and the Crownfall event ended ahead of schedule
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On the night of May 1-2, an unpleasant situation occurred in Dota 2: Valve prematurely ended the Crowndown event due to an error in the game's code. This led to the inconvenience of many players who could not take advantage of the discount on the Arcana and the Midgate Pathfinder Pack. The problem was that the developers forgot to extend the event's validity period in the code. But luckily, after an hour the error was fixed and players were able to participate in the event again.

Causes of the error and their correction

A Reddit user with the nickname Frank_London revealed the reason for the global crash in the game. It turned out that the problem was that Valve did not extend the validity period of the Crownfall event. To fix these problems, the company released a small update on the night of May 2. According to users, after that, the Crownfall event started working without errors.

This event began on April 19 with the first act of "Intergate Markets". The second act of "Deserts of Druud" was promised to be released by mid-May, but the release dates of the third and fourth acts are still unknown. Although dataminers claim that they will appear in June and July respectively. - made with love.