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Dota 2 is a popular strategic game, known worldwide. The essence of the game is the confrontation of two teams, each with five people. Players are presented with 124 characters to choose from, each of them has a number of features and abilities. Essentially, the main goal of the game is the total destruction of the main base of the rival team - the Ancient building. - everything you need is here

Did you try playing Dota 2 in childhood, and now you can't imagine a day of your life without it? Are you afraid to participate in tournaments yourself, but carefully follow all the news in the world of computer games?

Now you don't have to collect information about your favorite game piece by piece, because everything you need is gathered here. Current tournaments, team rating by points, interactive map by regions, matches (upcoming and those in progress at the time of entry to the site), a list of official transfers of players to other teams - all the necessary information is collected on one page, if desired, you can learn in detail about this or that category.


Almost all Dota 2 tournaments are played in two stages - the group stage and the playoffs. There are moments when, for example, Wildcard or Play-In precede the group stage. There are few types of tournament finals:

  • Round Robin - a round system, the team plays with each opponent of the league matches in the format bo1,2 or 3. The DPC season uses exactly this type of tournament;

  • Single Elimination - all teams are placed in a grid, defeat - flight from the grid. In such tournaments, the main match format is bo3, in the grand final - bo5;

  • Double Elimination - two grids in the tournament (top and bottom), having lost, the team from the upper grid falls down and continues to participate in the tournament, the feature is that the lower grid implies more matches than at the top (approximately twice as many).

All tournaments are presented on the site, by clicking on each you can find out all the information about a specific tournament - organizers, place and region of holding, number of teams, team total, tier, prize fund, participants, etc.

Teams and interactive map

If desired, you can study the list of all teams and their rating total. Information is especially valuable if you place bets on teams - by choosing the appropriate region (Eastern or Western Europe, North and South America, China or Southeast Asia), you can look at the team, its members, the country that the team represents, the prize amount, and DPC points.


Full match list - online at the moment and those to take place. By selecting the region of the match, tour and division in the filters, you get a list of matches by dates. If desired, you can specify information about a specific match - learn about the teams, their composition, the result of previous games between each other.


Information for those who follow specific players or specific teams. Looking at the desired date, a Dota2 connoisseur will see the official transfer of a player or players and teams (current and new).

All novelties immediately appear on the website page with 100% relevance, so that you forever forget about several tabs in the browser with the necessary information. - made with love.