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Just like in traditional sports, in esports there are many professionals who are admired and set as an example. Dota 2 is no exception: experienced teams also participate there, which by their example encourage beginners to develop in this direction.

How does a team become professional?

Despite the fact that the basis of Dota is a team, the game still cannot be called completely and only "team". Success depends on each participant - his mood, skills, ability to choose "his" hero and maintain team spirit in difficult moments.

Professional players provide a number of particularly necessary things, without which it is impossible to bring the team to the top. These include:

  • patience - sometimes a match lasts several hours, and it is at least foolish to hope that everything will happen quickly;

  • determination - you should not stand aside while comrades are destroying the enemy base - you need to act;

  • confidence - the main thing is to be confident in your abilities;

  • know the game and all its intricacies - navigate the heroes, know their weaknesses and strengths;

  • moral setting - believe in your abilities, repeat to yourself "I am a cool player" and everything in this vein.

In addition, it is important to have skills - micro and macro. Macro skill is the ability to correctly control the character and use his spells. Micro skills can be improved during public match games.

Macro skills are called the mental component. This is understanding the game itself, its awareness, communication skills with other players. As a rule, macro skills are acquired during team training.

Best Dota 2 teams: how to determine?

In Dota 2, there is a list of the best teams that are part of the TOP. The rating is formed taking into account the number of DPC points, which are constantly changing, or series of victories in major tournaments. For example, Team Liquid may be at the top right now, and in a few days - 9 pandas, it all depends on the tournaments in which the teams participate and their level of play. You can view the current rating of professional teams in the "Teams" tab on this site.

Each team has its own official DPC rating, accordingly, DPC points. The rating can change and depends on the results of the matches.

Usually, the best teams include a list of players who have participated in major tournaments. Moreover, you can identify a single top team or at least the top ten based on several criteria:

  • by gameplay and results in a specific gaming region;

  • based on DPC points;

  • based on the number of tournaments won;

  • by the professionalism of players, etc.

Do not also forget that for each esports enthusiast, and Dota2 in particular, there will be "their" team top.

All the necessary information on the top ten and other professional Dota 2 teams can be studied on the website. When choosing a region (Eastern, Western Europe, North, South America, China, Southeast Asia), the resource will display the teams located there.

To learn more, for example, about the history of the team, composition (with photos of players, their positions, names), team transfers (if any), upcoming matches and tournaments, as well as past ones with the result obtained, you need to select the team you are interested in, and you will get more detailed information about it. Such a study allows understanding the potential of the team in upcoming events.

If it is inconvenient for you to use our resource, let us know in the "contacts" section and we will do everything to improve your user experience.