Dota 2 rank table - how many MMR does each medal need?
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The ranking system of Dota 2 allows you to prove your skill in the game. It is an indicator of both seasonal and general progress of the player, his knowledge of mechanics and heroes. But the requirements for obtaining this or that rank are not always clear: some can get a "Knight" in a week of playing, others cannot participate in ranked battles even after a year of playing.

Here is all the useful information about the ranking, what affects it, how to get more MMR, and the current Dota 2 rank table.

How many MMPs each division needs - Dota 2 ranking table

In the fifth ranked season, Valve changed the player selection system and recalculated the MMR required to reach all ranks. Previously, earning stars was a little more difficult for beginners and a little easier for players who have already logged a couple of hundred hours, which is why the ranks of Dota 2 were not always fair in relation to the real level of skill.

Here is the list of updated Dota 2 ranks and the required MMR to get them:

  • Recruit - initial rank, required from 0 to 769 MMR;

  • Guard - 770-1539 MMR;

  • Knight / Crusader - 1540-2309 MMR;

  • Hero / Archon - 2310-3079 MMR;

  • Legend - a steeper rank, requires 3080-3849 MMR;

  • Volodar / Ancient - 3850-4619 MMR;

  • Deity – 4620–5420;

  • Immortal - the most elite rank, requires 6000 or more MMP to obtain.

Each rank or "division" of these 8 has several steps, they are called stars. Each requires 150 MMR or 4-6 winning games. The exception is the "Deity" rank: instead of the standard method of calculating stars, steps are obtained by entering the Top rating (1000, 100, 10 and TOP-1).

Detailed plaque with ranks and medals

What are ranks in Dota 2?

Dota 2 is definitely one of the most competitive MOBAs out there. While regular games already satisfy the need for thrills and a sense of one's own magnificence, there is nothing more beautiful than a streak of victories in ranked battles.

A high rank does not give such advantages: you can brag to your friends and find rivals of your level, but this is where its functions end. On the other hand, if you have a really high rank (from Immortal-1), you may be invited to join a professional team. This guarantees participation in various tournaments and eSports-related events, so go for it. The main thing is to learn the basics of rating and accrual of MMR to the account.

How does the Dota 2 ranking system work?

To start playing Ranked Battles, you'll most likely need to link your phone number to your Steam account. This is how Valve protects their game from bots and cheaters, so this is a very important step.

After verification, you will need to play 25 matches in standard mode. Based on their results (how many wins and losses there were, what the score was) you may be assigned an additional number of games to play - as it takes at least 100 hours to rank in Dota 2, not everyone can reach the required number in 25 games language matches.

As soon as ranked matches open for you, the system will offer to calibrate your current rank: for the next 10 ranked games, you will be assigned to one of the 7 main divisions. Most often it is a Recruit, but it is quite possible to get into the Guard. From this moment, the set of MMR begins - points are awarded for victories and withdrawn for defeats. At a time, the number of MMP on the account can change by 20-30 in either direction.

But your rank won't stay the same all the time: once every six months, a new season comes, which resets your rating. After you requalify, you'll be assigned a rank that's likely only one or two stars different from where you finished the season.

A big advantage of Dota 2 is that you can't just buy an account or create a zero-level twink to quickly gain ranks. In addition to the mandatory binding of a phone number, new accounts are limited to the maximum possible rank - it is Legend 1.

How to quickly dial MMR?

Achieving a high rank in a game like Dota 2 takes a lot of focus and hard work, but it's something anyone can do. The main thing is to follow a number of simple tips.

  • Choosing the right heroes . Try to choose only heroes you know well for ranked battles. Don't complicate your life, try to choose heroes that are easy to play, such as Dragon Knight, Wraith King, Viper. Choose the optimal build for you and, at least, the Hero is provided for you.

  • Strive for victory . Winning the most matches is a very important factor in getting a high MMR value. Hits, especially at higher ranks, can significantly reduce the number of MMPs on an account, especially if they come in a row.

  • Team work . Listen to the words and pings of your teammates, because well-organized teamwork is the key to success in Dota 2.

  • Mechanics . To climb to Legend and above, you really need to understand the basic mechanics of the game, even the hidden ones - you can watch videos from professional players, analysis of champions and roles, read detailed guides. The main thing is not to stand still and constantly develop, - made with love.