PGL announced a three-year series of Dota 2 tournaments
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Today, March 4, one of the largest eSports tournament organizers, PGL, announced a series of its own Dota 2 tournaments. Eight tournaments are planned to take place over the next three years.

Another millionaire tournament

Tournament organizer PGL announced in a press release that it will host at least eight major tournaments over the next three years, from 2024 to 2026. It announced a $1 million prize pool for each tournament, and will have open and closed qualifiers. This kind of prize pool is already becoming normal for the Dota 2 scene, as we already have tournament series with prize pools such as DreamLeague, BetBoom Dacha and the recently created new tournament from Fissure and ESB - Elite League.

The first PGL tournament to kick off this plan is scheduled for May 10, 2024 in the tournament operator's home city of Bucharest, Romania. 16 teams will participate in it, which will be selected through regional qualifications.

Wallachia is the first tournament from PGL

PGL will host its first two tournaments in its own state-of-the-art studios located in Bucharest, Romania. The first tournament will be called PGL Wallachia and will be held from May 10 to 19. Open qualifiers for this tournament will be held from March 21 to 24, and closed - from March 25 to 28. The second tournament in 2024 will be held from November 15 to November 24, with all qualifiers from September 29 to October 6.

The PGL also announced that it will host three tournaments in 2025 and three more in 2026. Below is the calendar of PGL tournaments for 2025 and 2026.

2025 year:

  • 1st tournament: qualifiers March 6 - March 15 / main event January 5 - January 12

  • 2nd tournament: qualifiers April 18 - April 27, 2025 / main event March 23 - March 30

  • 3rd tournament: qualifiers November 7 - November 16 / main event September 21 - September 28

2026 year:

  • 1st tournament: qualifiers March 6 - March 15 / main event January 4 - January 11

  • 2nd tournament: qualifiers April 17 - April 26 / main event March 22 - March 29

  • 3rd tournament: qualifiers November 6 - November 15 / main event September 27 - October 4

PGL is the largest independent tournament operator

PGL is one of the largest organizers of Dota 2 tournaments, having organized two of the most popular record-breaking majors in Dota 2, namely The Kiev Major 2017, which had a peak audience of 842,585, and the PGL Arlington Major 2022, which had a peak audience of 707,907.

PGL concluded its statement by saying that it is the only independent tournament organizer that does not receive any government funding and that its sole purpose remains to deliver the best world-class events.

"We strive to create unforgettable experiences for players and fans by showcasing the most exciting competitions and eSports spectacles. At PGL, our passion for gaming and community drives every decision, ensuring that every event we host sets new standards of excellence in the world of eSports," - PGL.

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