All participants of ESL One Birmingham 2024 have been announced
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Finally, after the incredible and intense regional qualifiers of ESL One Birmingham 2024, all participants of the main event have been announced. The qualifying competitions were held from 01/26/2024 to 01/30/2024, in all major regions of the Dota 2 discipline.

Even before the start of the qualifiers, four teams were chosen to receive direct invitations, thanks to their high ranking in the ESL Pro Tour. These lucky ones were:

  • Gaimin Gladiators

  • BetBoom Team

  • Xtreme Gaming

  • Team Liquid

8 heroes of regional qualifications

The remaining 8 places were drawn among the 7 main regions, as Eastern Europe received as many as two slots. These intense four days of qualifiers turned into a real coliseum, where even very strong teams such as OG, Entity, Azure Ray or PSG Quest were left out of the competition, which once again emphasizes the high level of competition in ESL tournaments.

Each match turned out to be a real test, where each team had to show their endurance and skill, because it was a fight not for life, but for death. Next, you can see the heroes who managed to stand out from the crowd of other contenders for a place in the main event and got their chance to enter the fight for glory and the title of winner.

The main event, which will bring together the best teams in the world, will begin on April 22, 2024 in the historic city of Dota 2, Birmingham, England, and will conclude with the grand final on April 28. $1,000,000 in total prize money and 26,640 points from ESL (ESL Pro Tour Points) will be up for grabs at the tournament. You can follow the course of events on the tournament page . - made with love.