Complete disbanding of LGD Gaming and temporary withdrawal from the Dota 2 discipline
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LGD Gaming 's Dota 2 coach Zhang Xiao8 Ning announced that all players have left the team. The organization withdrew from the Elite League tournament to which they were invited, and I am temporarily leaving the professional Dota 2 scene.

Xiao8 and the team held a farewell dinner

The fact that the player left the state of the organization was reported by Xiao8 in the team's fan group in the Chinese messenger WeChat, after which the information was confirmed on reddit. It seems that the reason was the financial problems of the club, because the players have a delay in their salaries. The message also said that the team gathered for the last time for a farewell dinner sponsored by Captain Zhang y` Liping.

LGD is temporarily leaving Dota 2

Just a few hours after this announcement, LGD Gaming made an official statement that they will not participate in the upcoming Elite League tournament. The official version of the club, the reasons for the dissolution of the team - unsatisfactory results.

It is not known when the organization will return to tournaments, but LGD representatives promised to talk about their plans when they find a new team.

Since the start of 2024, LGD Gaming have gone through a large number of qualifiers, but have not been able to get into more than one major tournament, unless you take into account the direct invitations to the aforementioned Elite League. and Future Games.

LGD Gaming's latest Dota 2 lineup:

  • Guo " shiro " Xuanyang;

  • Gao " Setsu " Zhenxiong;

  • Lee " niu " Kongbo;

  • Xiong " Pyw " Jiahan;

  • Zhang " y` " Liping;

  • Zhang " Xiao8 " Ning (Coach).

LGD's financial problems

According to a report from former player Yan " Chalice " Shen, the organization LGD Gaming has not paid the salaries of all team members and is withholding a share of the income from the broadcasts hosted by Wang " Ame " Chunye. In response to these accusations, the head of the club threatens the e-athlete with legal proceedings.

Interestingly, Chalis has openly revealed that he is not the only one who has faced a similar situation, and former LGD Gaming player Ren "old eLeVeN" Yangwei and others have also not received their bonuses from the organization. This admission from Chalice suggests that LGD Gaming's financial situation has been quite bad since TI 10 and is not a new phenomenon.

The general manager of the club, Mr. "Fei" Fei, explained what the current difficulties in the organization are connected with, stressing that the pandemic of 2020 was to blame for everything.

"Everything was fine in the Dota 2 lineup until 2019. But then 2020 and the pandemic caught up with us. There were some difficulties with sponsors. At one point, our salary expenses increased to twenty million a year. We paid salaries at a time when there were no tournaments because the contracts were signed for two years. In total, during this time, the salary expenses exceeded forty million. The sponsors, I remind you, disappeared. To get three million dollars in a year is already considered a success," - Fei. - made with love.