What console commands are there in Dota 2?
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A console is a useful tool not only in single-player games. It can also be used in multiplayer online projects, including Dota 2.

How to use the console in Dota 2?

In order for the console to appear in the game at all, you first need to play with the launch settings. To do this, select Dota 2 in the Steam library, right-click and select the "Properties" option. In the "General" tab there is a button "Set startup options".

After clicking on it, enter " -console ", save the changes and start the game itself. Now when you press the "/" key, you will have a console running.

Basic console commands

You can do a lot with the console. For example, if you want to see your FPS, you need to enter:

cl_showfps "1"

A very useful feature, especially if you don't have the most powerful PC.

Among other useful commands that may be needed, the following stand out:

  • dota_hud_healtbar_number "1" – the exact number of HP will be displayed above your hero;

  • net_graph "1" – all statistics (FPS, ping, etc.) will appear in your upper right corner;

  • dota_apm – you can see the number of actions per minute;

  • dota_minimap_hero_size "" – changing the size of hero icons to any size;

  • rate "80000" – increase in bandwidth;

  • cl_interp "0.05" – location of heroes will be updated more often;

  • fps_max "120" – increasing the maximum FPS value;

  • cl_interp_ratio "2" – change of interpolation, which can slightly reduce the hitboxes of enemies (it will be a little harder to hit), but dills will not interfere with some skills (for example, Pooja's hook will more often hit heroes without touching obstacles);

  • cl_updaterate "30" – increasing the number of updates from servers.

Apart from that, you can also use Dota 2 console commands for better performance if your computer is not the most powerful or new.

Optimization of the game for weak PCs

There are many teams of this purpose. First of all, it is dota_cheap_water "1" , which makes the water not so good and puts less load on the processor. The command r_deferred_height_fog 0 degrades the quality of the fog, r_deferred_simple_light 1 will make the light simpler. You can additionally enter mat_vsync "0" , to disable vertical synchronization - useful if you have an old CRT monitor, and r_screenspace_aa "0" .

Increasing FPS with fps_max "60" , along with Nod3d9ex , which improves performance, also helps. For the most smooth process, you can also enter cl globallight shadow mode 0 , which noticeably worsens the shadows. Of course, the picture will be so-so, but without lags and friezes.

Hidden pool

If you want to check which pool you are in, it is enough to enter a combination of commands:

developer "1" ,

dota_game_account_client_debug .

At the bottom will be the line [Developer] behavior_score. If there is one of these English letters next to it: C, D, F - then you are in the so-called "hidden pool". This means that you have very poor integrity, and you are selected appropriate teammates - without the desire to work for victory, who often leave the game and stand afc.

To get out of the hidden pool, try not to write all kinds of nastiness in the chat: the fewer reports you get and the more likes you get, the better your teammates will become.

Bind phrases using the console in Dota 2

In addition to the commands that affect the gameplay or serve to check the indicators of your profile, in Dota 2 there is a command that is extremely useful for communicating with teammates in the chat. This is the so-called "bind" of phrases for their quick use.

The number of phrases in the chat wheel that can be used without purchasing the Compendium is quite limited. Although this is not critical, it can greatly affect the outcome of the game and communication with teammates selected by the system. A fairly simple console command will help:

bind "binding key" "say_team (the phrase you want to say)" .

Yes, after pressing this key in the chat, you will immediately send it, without the need to type for a long time or constantly save it to the clipboard. If you want to say something not only to your team, but also to the enemies, you need to type the following into the console:

bind "binding key" "say (the phrase you want to say)".

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