In Dota 2, the long-awaited patch 7.36 was released along with the second part of Crownfall
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Today, May 23, 2024, at night Dota 2 released update 7.36. This is the first full-scale patch since the release of "New Frontiers" that affects the gameplay.

The main feature of this patch is a new mechanic, which from the first level allows each hero to choose one of at least two available features. These features add to the main abilities of the characters or greatly enhance existing ones. This mechanic is called "Facets". Another important innovation is "Innate Abilities".

Briefly, what are "Facets" and "Innate abilities" in Dota 2?

Each hero can choose one of two (or more) Faces before starting the game. These abilities are unique to each character and are suitable for players with different play styles, even on the same character. It is important to note that once the Edge is selected, it is not possible to change it. A nice bonus is that the enemies do not know what you have chosen, so you can surprise them at the beginning of the game.

In addition, each hero receives "Innate Abilities", which can be unique passive abilities or an enhancement of one of the existing abilities. For example, Dawnbreaker can open the entire map to her allies for 4 seconds, while Marci permanently increases the level of all allied couriers by 3 and reduces the number of attacks to kill a courier by 1. Yes, this means that Marci's entire team starts the game with flying couriers.

Meet the second act of Crownfall - "The Deserts of Druud".

Also with the patch, a sequel to the "Crownfall" event was released, which is called "The Deserts of Druud". This time, players can expect 59 levels, new rewards, a treasury and a comic book

Unfortunately, the tokens earned in the previous act do not transfer, and you need to farm everything first. So, to get two free chests, 12 shop coins, 21 bags of candy and other cosmetic rewards, you need to sweat a little again.

You can read more about all the details of the patch on the official website of the game.

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