Dota 2 system requirements in 2023
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Dota 2 is an extremely dynamic MOBA that any self-respecting gamer should play at least once. You can install it directly through Steam, because the game is also created by Valve. The whole process is very easy and even with a slow Internet it will pass quite quickly.

But which computer will be able to run the game without problems, and which one won't even start? Let's figure out what the minimum and recommended system requirements of Dota 2 in 2023 are for PC.

Dota 2 minimum system requirements

The requirements of Dota 2 can be classified as relatively low, which is typical for games of this age, the MOBA genre and the free-to-play monetization system in general, although in the latter case there are exceptions to the rules. It may not be the level of Team Fortress 2, the requirements of which are simply ridiculously low, it is not the latest CoD, Battlefield or Apex Legends. So what kind of computer do you need to comfortably play Dota in 2023?

Here's the bare minimum you need to run and play semi-stable:

  • operating system starting from Windows 7 and newer;

  • 2-core processor, clock frequency from 2.80 GHz (the brand can be both Intel and AMD);

  • 4 GB RAM;

  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600 (as well as 9600GT) and ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600 (3600) or newer video card;

  • DirectX software from version 11;

  • disk space – 60 GB after unpacking;

  • the sound card must be compatible with DirectX.

If you have a MacOS operating system installed, its version must be MacOS 10.13 or later. In the case of Linux or SteamOS, this will be Ubuntu 12.04+.

Dota 2 recommended system requirements

If you want to enjoy the maximum graphics settings and not load in the lobby for three hours, your computer should be more powerful. First of all, this applies to such characteristics as:

  • the operating system must be Windows 10 or 11;

  • Intel Core i3 (13100)/AMD Ryzen 5 (5500) processor;

  • 8 GB of RAM and more;

  • video card models GeForce RTX (3050)/Radeon RX (6600) or newer;

  • DirectX software from version 11;

  • disk space – 60 GB after unpacking;

  • the sound card must be DirectX compatible.

Of course, it will fly on newer PCs as well - the game is not very demanding despite its rather large size for a MOBA.

However, keep in mind that a good iron is not the only requirement of Dota. Even the most powerful configuration will not solve problems with delays and freezes in the case of a slow connection. The developers themselves mention a broadband connection as necessary for a comfortable game, so it is worth providing yourself with a good provider and Internet tariff in advance. - made with love.