Schedule of Dota 2 tournaments and matches.
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Dota 2 tournaments are an important event not only for pro players, but also for ordinary gamers who are interested in Dota 2. You can support your idol, have fun with your friends, even bet on your favorite team. This is not to mention the possibility of self-study. Interesting tactics, a new goal, unusual builds or the use of skills - all this can be found in eSports games.

But it is not always possible to get exactly to an important event for the game. Even if it is held online and you know the date, you also need an exact start time. The schedule and history of Dota 2 matches will help you with this.

Dota 2 hosts many tournaments and large pro-matches. This is first of all:

  • regional pro-seasons;

  • the world-famous International;

  • majors;

  • friendly games

After the end of each tournament or season, the future of Dota 2 in the eSports world is determined: who will reach the finals after the qualifying grids, which team will fall apart, who will be at the top. Not surprisingly, the most popular request among fans is the results of Dota 2 matches .

You can find the current schedule of Dota 2 matches on our website. Dates, tournament grids, replays, results and match history, statistics - all this is presented in the form of special tables and graphs for your convenience. It is enough to find a match that interests you, and you will find out all the details first.

We cover both big and small eSports events: in separate tabs you can find the date of the nearest major, private tournaments, big grids sponsored by Valve themselves.

Also, viewing the results of past tournaments and The International can be an interesting experience. This is how you can make a forecast for the next year and learn how real pros play.

You can also do this on our website. Detailed statistics of Dota 2 matches with score, results, team composition are available to users. - made with love.