Ekki left Team Secret
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Professional player Marcel " Ekki " Holovienko left Team Secret . The player made the announcement personally during a live broadcast by former player Max “ qojqva ” Broker, after Level Up player Milan " MiLAN " Kozomara announced it on his Twitter/X page. Meanwhile, Team Secret has yet to make any official announcements.

Bad debut for Ekki and another failure for Team Secret

The player in the 4th position left the team just a few days after Secret were eliminated from the first group stage of DreamLeague Season 22 . At the tournament, the team took 11-12 place and earned $20,000.

So, it turns out that Ekki's first experience on the tier-1 stage was extremely short and not entirely comforting, because Marcel joined Team Secret only in January 2024, and in two months DreamLeague was the only tournament where the team qualified, but it failed miserably .

Who will take the place of the four?

To date, Secret has two players from the fourth position on the bench: Yazid " YapzOr " Jaradat and Daniil " yamich " Lazebnyi. Ekki just replaced yamich at the beginning of the year, but YapzOr has been absent from the professional Dota 2 scene since July 2022. If Ekki's words are to be believed, neither of these two players will take his place, and he also ruled out Martin " Saksa " Sazdov joining the lineup, so the vacancy for Team Secret's new support remains open.

Now it is interesting to see what path Secret will choose for themselves, and who will become a new player. It seems that Puppey is taking a risk and gathering a team of no-names, because for the first time there are no famous names in the team. It is likely that the new foursome will be a young player who is not known to a wide circle of Dota 2 fans.

The composition of Team Secret at the moment:

  • Remko "crystallis" Arets

  • Teng "Kordan" Jin Yao

  • Myroslav "BOOM" Bychan

  • Klement "Puppey" Ivanov

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