Fy is the first to play 300 pro games on one hero in Dota 2
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Xu " fy " Linseng, the Azure Ray support team, set an interesting record on the professional Dota 2 scene. The Chinese player played 300 games on Rubick, which became the absolute record for matches played on one hero.

Judging by the statistics of the DotaBuff portal, fy not only likes to play on Rubick, but also has an impressive percentage of victories on this hero - 59.67%. It is worth noting that fy is a veteran of the game, and has been on the pro scene since mid-2013.

His closest rival in this race is Dota 2 legend Klement " Puppey " Ivanov, who has 259 games on Chen. In third place is Yazid " YapzOr " Zharadat, who also played 242 maps on Rubick.

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