GH and SumaiL will be Shopify Rebellion's booths at PGL Wallachia
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Shopify Rebellion enlisted the support of Nigma Galaxy players Maroon “ GH ” Merhay and Saeed “ SumaiL ” Sumail Hassan to compete in PGL Wallachia Season 1 . This became known from the official pages in the social networks of the club.

GH will replace Thiaro “ Thiolicor ” de Oliveira Cordeiro, who left the team at the end of April and the team was unable to find a permanent player.

At the same time, SumaiL will replace Erin " Yopaj " Ferrer, who apparently faced a problem that has become relevant for many players in this tournament - he could not get a visa to Romania in time. However, representatives of the North American team did not give any comments on this matter, but only thanked Nigma Galaxy for their help.

"Special thanks to NigmaGalaxy for working together to produce good Dota 2 this season" - Shopify Rebellion - made with love.