How to raise decency in Dota 2 in 2023
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In addition to matchmaking mechanics such as MMR, rank, level, priority and language, Dota 2 has many other ways to find suitable opponents and allies for you. One of them is the so-called "decency" system , thanks to which you can immediately recognize a toxic player who leaves, a troll with a habit of shouting in the chat, and a player who really wants to beat the player.

How does it work and what to do if the account's integrity is low?

What is Dota 2 decency

Decency is not an exclusive mechanic of Dota. In the same League of Legends, there is something similar called Honor.

The point is simple - have you been liked by several teammates? Here are +20 conditional points , upon reaching a certain number of which you can receive pleasant bonuses and visual confirmation of high morale. Did you get a well-deserved report? That's -20 points and punishment in the form of a chat ban or moving to a low priority queue. Low values usually go to such categories of players as:

  • feeders;

  • trolls;

  • livers;

  • ruiners

They do not receive nice bonuses in the form of accessories or free skins, but this does not directly affect the game.

In Dota, this system has a much more important role.

What affects fairness in Dota 2

Total integrity points can be 12 thousand (minimum 0), but nothing changes after 10 thousand. Most often, decency is in the range from 5000 to 8000 points. What does it affect?

First of all, decency helps to limit the negative impact of toxic or specifically defeating players on the overall experience of playing Dota 2. For example, if you have a high decency rating and you are responsible for each match, the system itself will give you nicer teammates . They will be approximated to your stats, which ensures equality between allies.

If you don't want to follow the rules of Dota, you will encounter people just like you - uncooperative trolls with low morale who will zealously lead the whole team to defeat. In this way, Valve effectively prevents the growth of toxicity and allows you to minimize unfair selection of players.

Unfortunately, everything is not so simple with the enemy team - the mechanic of selecting matches based on the decency indicator does not work on them. Even if you have reached a rating of 10,000, you will be faced with a 1000 point toxic, which can significantly spoil the mood and positive experience of the game.

How to quickly raise honor in Dota 2 in 2023

Usually, good players get a decent rating on their own pretty quickly, but sometimes it's much slower than you'd like. In this case, a list of tips on how to raise decency in Dota 2 in 2023 may come in handy.

Here are the most important of them.

  • Play better . One of the easiest ways to gain decency is swearing. They are given to useful team members, so it's time to learn the main mechanics and heroes of the game. Another tactic is to send likes to other players, because they can like you back.

  • No reports . Reports are worth about 5 likes, so getting them on your account is extremely unprofitable in the pursuit of high decency. Of course, it is difficult to regulate: some players may report for no apparent reason, and there is nothing you can do about it. However, speaking correctly in the chat and focusing on the game, even if it is not in your favor, should help reduce their number significantly.

  • Don't use chat for toxicity . Even if you play 1vs9. Even if Carrie makes the same mistake for the third time. And even if at the third minute of the game your teammate has a score of 0/5.

  • Bust . Of course, this is not the "cleanest" way, but if you really want to and are very careful, then you can. The main thing is to order from proven performers.

Follow these guidelines and you'll quickly reach a high Decency rating. - made with love.