Dota 2 releases a new event "Crownfall", while everyone was expecting a large-scale patch
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On the night of 19 April, Dota 2 received a long-awaited update called "Crownfall", but not the one many expected. The update marked the launch of a new event that did not bring any changes to the gameplay. This "Crownfall" event aims to immerse players in an exciting adventure in the world of Dota 2, offering a number of interesting challenges and reward opportunities.

One of the key elements of this update is a new storyline event called "Crownfall - Ascension". As part of this event, players will embark on an exciting journey where they will have to complete various challenges and quests on a special interactive map. Successful completion of tasks is rewarded with tokens that can be exchanged for various prizes. The first part of the event is already available, and the second part is expected in May. In total, the event is divided into four acts.

Two new Arcanes and other cosmetic items

The game has also added two new arcana for Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit, available for purchase for $35. They are based on images from the comic book, which was also released with the update. Despite the fact that the exact number of tasks has not yet been revealed, the interactive map shown on the official website heralds many exciting opportunities, including fishing, new emotes, and items for the characters

In addition to the main storyline event, two new treasure chests, where you can get 12 new sets for heroes, and a unique courier were introduced as part of the Coronation. Among all the sets, the item for Meepo in the form of a chicken costume is of particular interest, which is likely to become one of the most popular skins in the Crownfall update.

Community disappointment with the Crownfall update

Despite the expectations of the gaming community from the global patch, which was supposed to make significant changes to the game's gameplay and mechanics, the new Crownfall update turned out to be more cosmetic than fundamental.

Numerous rumours and speculations about the upcoming changes raised expectations among players, but instead, the developers decided to focus on entertaining content. For many in the gaming community, this was not the best surprise for those who were expecting more significant changes in the gameplay.

However, there is one new feature that everyone is excited about - the MMR Double Stake Tokens, which can be obtained during the event or purchased in a pack from the store. If you have the available tokens, then when you start the game, you will have an active button located on the left side of the screen, above the mini-map. - made with love.