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Pudge (aka Pudge) is one of the oldest characters in the game. He appeared on November 1, 2010, in the first hero pack for the Dota 2 beta. As a support 4 position (roamer), he has a lot of opportunities to change the course of a match, not least because of his famous hook.

Here's all the information about Pudge you might need before playing the character.

What is Pooja's role in Dota 2

Most often, Pooja is taken precisely as a 4-position support hero , an excellent ganker with great potential both solo and in teamfights. The second most popular position for him is mid, but this is suitable for more experienced players.

Puja's attacks are melee, and her main attribute is strength. His role in the team is to be a tank, protect carries and knock out enemy heroes to help the team. However, in skilled hands, Pudge becomes a real killing machine, an imba-keri. At level one, he is stronger than 99% of his opponents, giving him endless potential in the first 20-30 minutes of the game.

Advantages of the hero

The main advantages of the hero are:

  • useful passive that gives a lot of damage and HP;

  • excellent potential for porches;

  • can get solo kills from level 7 and withstand almost any hero;

  • useful skills;

  • strongest in the early and middle phases of the game;

  • interesting mechanics;

  • a large increase in strength and important attributes;

  • there is no need to collect expensive items.

Also, Pudge is just a very fun character: playing as him, you will definitely not be bored.

Cons of playing as Pooja in Dota 2

The hero has few disadvantages, but they are quite significant:

  • Pooja is often bathed;

  • at the beginning of the game, the hero's speed is only 285, a very small indicator;

  • not enough armor for reliable protection against heroes with physical damage;

  • vulnerable against haras in lane;

  • lack of opportunities for escape;

  • not very useful in the later stages;

  • at a higher rating, he is more difficult to play - players dodge better and know all your counterpicks.

Also, you need a lot of practice to play Pooja well.

Character skills

Not the last role in the hero's popularity is played by his skills.

Meat Hook

Throws a bloody hook at a specific area or unit. The grappling hook will latch onto the first unit it hits, pulling it towards Pudge and dealing damage if it's an enemy.

In Dota 2 Pudge hook is the main and main skill of the hero. It is what allows him to be such a versatile and strong tank, carry, and support. The only downside is that in the first hundred matches you will miss a lot, but then you will adapt.


A toxic cloud that constantly deals damage and slows enemies, not only hurts enemy units, but also Pudge himself.

If Pudge dies from this skill, the enemies will not get either experience or gold, which is a big plus, and will allow you to get out of hopeless situations with a minimum of losses. The skill can be activated while using an ult and it will not interrupt.

Flesh Heap

Gives Pudge resistance to magical damage, as well as additional power that increases when Pudge kills an enemy hero, or when an enemy hero dies nearby. The skill begins to accumulate charges even before it is studied, but the hero can only gain power after studying it.

A very good passive that allows you to be a full tank and do a lot of damage to enemy heroes.


Pudge begins to devour an enemy unit alive, immobilizing it and dealing damage over 3 seconds to heroes or 6 to minions.

A really useful ult, but be careful: one enemy state and it will break and you'll be at a disadvantage

Hook is almost always the first to go. Then Rot, Hook, Passive. Pump the hook to the maximum, while not forgetting about the ult. Then everything is in Rot, lastly pump Flesh Heap.

From the talent tree, it is best to take a bonus of +4 to armor (you will not have enough of it almost always), +120% to damage from the hook (if you are not used to the hook, you can take vampirism), -4 from reloading to it. The last choice is between increasing the charge to power from the passive and the ult multiplier. It all depends on the matchup, but if you're low on charges, always take the ult upgrade.

Aghanim's Scepter can improve secondary skill (more damage and radius) and ult (less knockback, can be used on allies).

Which items are best for Puja?

Healing Salve, Tango, Clarity, and Wind Lace are the best starting items for Puja. They give him a hilt for his Rot, restore mana, and increase speed. That is, everything that he lacks so much in the first minutes of the game.

Next, take bots and sticks - the basis of any build in Dota. Speaking of early game,

most often it is used to buy Blink Dagger . It allows you to make a jump to the enemy, which is very convenient for an ult or if you miss with a hook. Next, a great choice would be Aether Lens , which will improve your ult.

Get bots in Tranquil Boots or Phase Boots - the first roles are ganker, the second are for carry or mider.

Then everything is assembled for a specific situation or role. If you're in lane, you can buy Aghanim's Scepter in the early game. It is easier to farm with it. Spirit Vessel is going for a carry, especially against a Huskar or Morphling.

Are you a tank and need to not die so often? Take Blade Mail. If the enemy team has a lot of mages, buy Hood of Defiance as well.

Heart of Tarasque can be bought in the late game, but it is not a must-have item that is usually bought in the last slot.

If your opponent is weaker than you, and you know it for sure, you can try to kill him at the first or second level. The combination of Mouth + finishing hook works great against heroes without silence and states.

When you get the ult, try to kill your enemy (hook+ult, mouth) and go gank. The main thing - do not forget to inform your allies about this, so that they take the most advantageous position.

This is where the run around the map begins. Buy smoke and hook the enemies until they see you: this way you will not let them fill the slots while your team gets stronger and stronger.

In addition to solo kills, do not forget about allies: set up ambushes, participate in teamfights, do not let the enemy's carry start to dominate.

Pooja's Synergy and Counterpeaks

Pooja's best allies are heroes with a lot of control and status. In particular, Dark Seer and Chen stand best with him due to their powerful skills.

Pudge is best against heroes like:

  • Pugna;

  • Zeus;

  • Tinker;

  • Necrophos;

  • Huskar;

  • Underlord;

  • Techies;

  • Drow Ranger;

  • Sniper;

  • Phantom Assassin.

The counterpeaks of Puja are:

  • Terrorblade;

  • Batrider;

  • Ursa;

  • Timbersaw;

  • Lycan;

  • Pangolier;

  • Broodmother;

  • Dawnbreaker;

  • Phoenix;

  • Magnus.

If possible, ban them.

Should you play Pudge in Dota 2?

In general, Pudge is an interesting and strong hero, but it will not be so easy for beginners. His main weakness is the need to hook, which comes with experience, as well as a large number of counterpicks. But if you learn the basics of playing this character, you'll definitely get a lot of great wins.

It is especially pleasant to listen to the phrases of Pooja Dota 2. He is quite funny: constant insults towards enemies, taunts, an obvious lack of intelligence in combination with his bulky terrible appearance create a strong comic effect.

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