The spring update of Dota Plus treasury is out
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Valve company, on the night of March 6, released a fresh update for Dota 2, which added a new thematic treasury for Dota Plus, dedicated to the arrival of spring. In this update, in addition to a chest with eight sets of items and a liquid courier, the spring map has appeared again, as well as new tasks and guild rewards.

8 new Dota Lab kits and updates

Users can now access 8 new sets that can be drawn from the treasury with a certain probability. Heroes such as Disruptor, Dark Willow, Spectre, Chaos Knight, Doom, Earth Spirit, Underlord and Nyx Assassin received new items. A special item is the very rare Sir Molestach Irondrill courier, which contains two random gems: Prismatic and Otherworldly.

In addition, Valve has made it possible for players to purchase sets from the 2022 summer treasure chest by spending 15,000 shards on them. These items are available in the Legacy section.

Also, Valve introduced a new settings section, called "Dota Lab", which is displayed in the settings menu. So far, there are three functions that have not been developed, so they are in a separate menu and are disabled by default. These functions are as follows:

  • Full screen map

  • Action filter key

  • A more noticeable health bar - made with love.