Valve bans pro players for using Overplus in Dota 2
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Valve continues to fight cheaters in Dota 2. With the release of the update on the night of February 9, the developers banned many violators for using prohibited programs that use third-party services to get hints and change skins in the game. The developers of Dota 2 released a new update "Dragon's Gift" and at the same time wrapped their anti-cheat, blocking a huge number of players.

"In the spirit of unprecedented generosity, we've prepared another gift that (almost) everyone will love, namely a new cheat detection code. To be honest, we released it a few weeks ago and since then we've caught quite a few cheaters. You'll probably notice that there are fewer of them with each new wave of automatic bans," - Valve.

Apparently, the main cause of the bans were users of Overplus (also known as Overwolf), a program that helps you see the stats of your opponents and suggest the best bans of heroes during the draft, as well as change skins and textures in the game.

Fifty blocked pro players

In total, Valve banned more than 50 Dota 2 pro players - each of whom played at least 10 maps at the professional level. Ben "Noxville" Steenhuizen, a Dota 2 analyst, was the first to report on the wave of professional player bans.

"So a total of 18 new VAC bans out of 1,627 players who played more than 50 cards on the pro scene (1.11%), and 46 bans out of 3,452 people who played more than ten cards (1.33%)" - Ben "Noxville" Steenhuizen.

Among the banned players, there is even a top-1 player of the Chinese ladder under the nickname ʚKKɞ, but what exactly he was blocked for is unknown, but since 2021, the player has been constantly accused of cheating. The player has already been removed from the official Dota 2 site.

Among those blocked, there are also many famous past or current pro-players. Here are the most famous of them.

  • Anatoly " Lefitan " Krupnov

  • Yaroslav " Limitless " Parshin

  • Vyacheslav " asdekor_r " Ignatiev

  • Andriy "Mag" Chipenko

  • Mykhailo " lupsione " Lapochkin

  • Andriy " Ankou " Kuznetsov

  • Andriy "Serenada" Kushnaryev

  • Mangekyou

  • Danial " Danial " Alibaev

  • Yehor " .Ark " Zhabotinsky

  • Vladlen "Mariachi" Grebenkov

  • Mark "Hell's Paradise" Kharlamov

  • Zenitsu

  • Mataraxis

  • Roman " dizzying " Kostevich

It seems that this is only the beginning of a series of bans, so the list of banned players will gradually be replenished with new names, and over time - only increase. - made with love.