One of Valve's developers reported how to get rid of input lag in Dota 2
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A member of Valve's development team, Jeff Gill, announced that there is a solution to the problem for players who suffer from large input lag in Dota 2. He talked about it on the reddit forum.

What is input lag?

The term "input lag" in gaming terminology refers to the delay between the moment when the player performs a certain action (for example, pressing a button on a gamepad or keyboard) and the moment when this action is displayed on the game screen. This delay can be caused by various factors, such as the signal processing speed of the input device (eg, gamepad, mouse, keyboard), the internal processing of the game and the display on the screen, and the delay in the display itself (eg, the delay in the monitor or TV).

How to fix input lag in Dota 2

  • Go to the Steam library

  • Right click on Dota 2.

  • Go to properties.

  • In the game launch parameters, write the command "cl_clock_recvmargin_enable 0"

But Jeff noted that this method may not help all players. Reviews on social networks confirm his words, because some players managed to get rid of input lag thanks to this command, while for others this method did not bring the desired result.

However, the programmer noted that the developers are working on a solution to the problem that arose about a week ago, when players began to complain about a long delay, with a normal ping. Most likely, this happened because of a new patch.

Company representatives have asked players to share more details to speed up the fix in the next patch. - made with love.