Xtreme Gaming unexpectedly beat Team Falcons and became the champions of the Elite League
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Very unexpectedly, Xtreme Gaming became the champions of Elite League 2024 . In the grand final, the Chinese team defeated the main favorites of the tournament, Team Falcons, with a score of 3:1.

This victory can be considered willful, because the Chinese team was able to gather strength, despite the defeat on the first map, after which they took three in a row and won. Moreover, the second and third maps were completely one-sided, because XG showed better teamwork while Falcons felt too confident and often went one-on-one and died in different parts of the map.

Such a number of mistakes during the series could not pass without a trace, and already on the fourth and last map, Xtreme Gaming again took advantage of a number of mistakes of the opponent, and in 53 waves they won for themselves, and the championship in the tournament, stopped the hegemony of the Falcons this season.

Thus, Wang "Ame" Chunyu's team avenged their loss in the upper bracket finals, where Team Falcons won 2-0. For this victory, Xtreme Gaming earned $300,000 in prize money, and the Falcons received $150,000 for second place.

Xtreme Gaming Championship Lineup:

  • Wang " Ame " Chunyu

  • Guo " Xm " Hongchen

  • Lin " Xxs " Jin

  • Zhao " XinQ " Jixing

  • Ding " Dy " Tsung

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