9Pandas and Rest Farmers were the first to leave Elite League 2024
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9Pandas and Rest Farmers left the Elite League 2024 after losing in the third round of the first group stage of the tournament.

The first map of the matchup between 9Pandas and KEV was remarkably close, but the Chinese team was able to gain an advantage in the late game and take the victory. However, on the second card, "Pandas" took the initiative from the very beginning and beat the opponent, equalizing the score. However, the third decisive map was under the total control of KEV, as evidenced by the score of 36:11 in almost 37 minutes of the map played.

Next was a match between Virtus. pro and Rest Farmers, who were the next to be eliminated from the tournament. The first game, as in the previous case, was even, and still VP won their victory, but on the second map, the "Bears" put all the cards in their place, winning 30 thousand gold, and won the series with a score of 2- 0.

As a result, Rest Farmers and 9Pandas took 23-24 places and earned a modest prize of ten thousand dollars. I would like to note that both teams won only one map during the three matches played at the tournament.

9Pandas composition:

Composition of Rest Farmers:

It will be recalled that the Elite League 2024 lasts from March 31 to April 15 in an online format, with the participation of 24 teams competing for a prize fund of one million dollars.

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