Faith_bian renamed himself after the German composer
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Azure Ray Dota 2 player Zhang " Faith_bian " Ruida changed his nickname to Bach and told what prompted him to take this step. It turned out that players of the legendary OG line-up Johan " N0tail " Sundstein and Sebastian " Ceb " Debs were involved in this.

Faith_bian chose his nickname after the German composer Bach

During one of his post-match interviews at DreamLeague S22 , Faith_bian revealed why he chose the new nickname Bach. The Chinese player has always been a fan of the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, and the change in his nickname took place at the moment when the player returned after taking a break from the pro scene, to Azure Ray.

Faith_bian made a guest appearance on the Monkey Business Show podcast last year, and according to him, that's when he decided on a new nickname for himself, because fate itself hinted him to do it. The hosts of the show are two members of the OG organization: N0tail and Seb, and since their names are Johan and Sebastian, the Chinese had no doubts about becoming Bach.

"I really like the composer Bach. Before I came to OG's Monkey Business Show, I thought: N0tail's name is Johan, Ceb's name is Sebastien, and if you combine it, it will be Johan Sebastien Bach. Then I decided : "Okay, now I'll be Bach", - Zhang "Bach" Ruida. - made with love.