Thiolicor will play for Team Secret in PGL Wallachia Season 1
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Team Secret had a temporary change, instead of playing coach Tew " ah fu " Sun Chuan, Thiago " Thiolicor " de Oliveira Cordeiro came to the fourth position. The player will represent Klement " Puppey " Ivanov and company in the PGL Wallachia Season 1 tournament, while ah fu will immediately return to his coaching duties.

Until recently, Thiolicor played for Shopify Rebellion , but before PGL Wallachia Season 1 he left the team and they had to turn to Marun "GH" Merhey for help . Unfortunately, Thiolicor does not yet have significant achievements in his career, but he has not been on the tier-1 stage for a long time, so perhaps his potential has not yet been fully revealed. Who knows, maybe in Team Secret he will be able to fully reveal his talent. - made with love.