L1GA TEAM completely changed the composition, only RAMZES remained
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L1GA Team has radically changed its lineup from Dota 2. From the previous lineup, only the team leader, Roman " RAMZES " Kushnaryov, is left, who now serves as the team captain.

Dissolution of the previous team, after unsuccessful qualifications

The former L1GA TEAM stopped short of a slot at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 , where they lost to Virtus.pro in the finals of the qualifiers . In the qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 22, the result was worse - 7-8th place and relegation from their previous team 9Pandas .

After that, Gleb " kiyotaka " Zyryanov officially left the roster of the organization, who returned to 9Pandas, where they played together with RAMZES before moving to L1ga. And now Ilya " kasane " Gaynullin, Oleksandr " Immersion " Khmelevskyi, and Volodymyr " RodjER " Nikhosyan officially left the team. By the way, the latter commented on the reason for his departure from the L1GA Team during one of his recent streams on Twitch.

“What happened to the L1GA Team? It's not a secret. They just didn't stick together, they didn't play well. I thought that we would not be able to develop as a team in this composition and gave up", - Volodymyr "RodjER" Nikhosyan.

A new lineup of Chimera members

Three players from the Chimera stack became newcomers to the team, namely midr Maxim " reibl " Afanasyev, hard laner Mykola " bb3px " Yevdokymiev, and support foursome Ivan " OneJey " Zhivytskyi. The role of the five will be performed by Alim " aik " Bespaev, and Oleksandr " nofear " Churochkina has been appointed as the coach of the team.

The updated lineup will make its debut at the Future Games, which will take place February 19-25 at the LAN in Kazan, Russia.

The new composition of the L1GA TEAM:

  • Roman RAMZES Kushnaryov

  • Maxim Reibl Afanasyev

  • Mykola bb3px Yevdokimichev

  • Ivan OneJey Zhivytskyi

  • Alim aik Bespaev

  • Oleksandr Nofear Churochkin (coach)

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