Leviatán put together a Dota 2 lineup with Taiga and veteran kpii
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South American eSports organization Leviatán , which rose to prominence in Valorant, has entered competitive Dota 2 with an interesting and unique lineup. The team so far consists of four Dota 2 players from four different continents, but they will play in the South American region.

International Dota 2 Leviatán lineup

On March 18 of this year, Leviatán announced their Dota 2 roster, which immediately debuted at the open qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 22.

The team included famous players from different countries:

  • Samuel " Sammyboy " Anderson (USA)

  • TBD

  • Damien " kpii " Chock (Australia)

  • Tommy " Taiga " Le (Norway)

  • Steven " StingeR " Vargas (Peru)

The team has not yet managed to find a mider on a permanent basis, so Jean-Pierre " Chris Luck " Salazar stepped in for them. However, at the DreamLeague Season 23 Open Qualifiers#2, the team failed. However, this is only the first attempt of the new team to show itself, namely with a reserve player. Very soon, they will have another good opportunity during the qualifiers for PGL Wallachia Season 1 , which will start on March 21.

A team of experienced players from their region

At the carry position, the team will be represented by Sammyboy, quite a cult figure in North America, and one of the USA's best representatives at his position.

In the hard laner position, the living legend of Dota 2, kpii, generally plays. This Australian is the most experienced of all the players featured, and has experience playing in such legendary tags as Newbee , Mineski , and TNC Predator , with which he became the champion of the MDL Chengdu Major . He even almost managed to become the world champion, but at The International 2017, as we know, Team Liquid were stronger than Newbee.

Taiga, known for his performances for OG, Alliance and Team Liquid, was recruited for the "four" and was once considered one of the top players in the world at his position, but in August 2023 the player fell on hard times and was either inactive from that point on , or played unsuccessfully for Wildcard Gaming and Bleed Esports in various qualifiers.

Finally, Peruvian StingeR, who will act as full support. StingeR is a top-class player who has played in several TIs and Major tournaments, so his experience against the strongest opponents should not be underestimated.

If these four players find a top-quality mider, it will be a very serious opponent for every favorite in the region, because so much experience and skill in one team often leads to the emergence of new dark horses.

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