Nine will play for Team Falcons at PGL Wallachia
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Due to Stanislav " Malr1ne " Potorak not having a visa to Romania, Leon " Nine " Kirilin will be the temporary player for Team Falcons in PGL Wallachia Season 1 . This information was provided by the "Sokolov" mid laner himself.

"On PGL Wallachia Season 1 there will be Nine. I added him as a friend to help, he hasn't played competitive dota for a long time, I help him with questions about some heroes, tell him. This is the minimum help I can offer to my team for their good luck," Malr1ne.

It is worth reminding that Nine has been absent from the professional scene for more than six months, because after the end of The International 2023, the player went inactive. But it is also worth noting that this is a player of the highest class, because he became the champion of The International 2022 as part of Tundra Esports , and also took 3rd place at Bali Major 2023 and ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 . Considering also the fact that current Falcons players Wu " Sneyking " Jingjun and Oliver " skiter " Lepko are his former Tundra teammates, it will not be difficult for him to adapt in this team and show a decent game. - made with love.