OG will replace 1win at ESL One Birmingham 2024
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Tournament operator ESL has announced on their resources that 1WIN has withdrawn from their ESL One Birmingham 2024 tournament due to visa issues. The most suitable team to replace them will be OG .

In a post published by ESL on social networks, it is reported that the 1WIN team and the next team in Eastern Europe are Virtus. pro , are not able to get to Great Britain, which is why the slot was given to OG.

"Despite extending the visa deadline to 12:00 CET yesterday for all teams, 1WIN were unable to field a suitable squad in time for ESL One Birmingham 2024 due to visa issues.

The next EEU team in the slot qualifiers will also not be able to participate for the same reasons. The next eligible team for an invite will be OG, who finished second at the Western European Qualifiers and have already confirmed their ability to enter the UK" - ESL.

1WIN coach Timur “Achilles” Kulmukhambet claims that the team's visas are ready and the players are ready to go to the tournament, and ESL just took their slot.

"Wait for the announcement and the full story from us. Small spoiler. Our entire team now has ready visas and passports for a trip to England for the tournament. ESL took away the slot from us and gave it to the OG team", - Achilles.

However, the rule "better late than never" does not work in this case, because ESL explained that this team exceeded the deadline for submitting documents.

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