Team Falcons are the champions of the 22nd season of the DreamLeague
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Team Falcons is showing a confident dominance of the tier-1 Dota 2 scene, winning the second tournament in a row. This time, the MENA team became the champions of the 22nd season of DreamLeague , ending it with a one-sided grand final against BetBoom Team with a score of 3-0. To understand how much of a one-goal game it was, on the third, decisive map, the Falcons had an advantage of almost 50,000 gold.

Team Falcons are aiming for their era in Dota 2 history

This is the second championship for the Falcons, where they have not suffered a single loss during the tournament. After convincing victories at BetBoom Dacha 2024 Duba and DreamLeague Season 22, Team Falcons has everything to become one of the best Dota 2 teams and write their name in history.

“Congratulations to our Season 22 #DreamLeague Champions, FalconsEsport. Team MENA gave an incredible performance and fully deserved 1st place! They will go home with $300,000 and 4,200 EPT points.” - ESL.

The current line-up of the team was formed in November 2023 during the reshuffle after The International 2023 , and at this point all the favorites from last year were not even standing with them. Now, Team Falcons are currently gearing up for the upcoming ELITE League starting on March 31st and it looks like the team is aiming for a hat-trick and it doesn't look like anyone can stop them from doing so.

BetBoom won their little victory

However, second place was also a victory of sorts for the BetBoom Team, as the team not only earned $175,000 in prize money, but also earned 3,500 EPT points. This proved to be enough to take the top spot in the EPT leaderboard and guarantee them their first direct invitation to Riyadh Masters 2024.

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