The renewed Natus Vincere line-up beats the World Champions
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Natus Vincere and Team Spirit faced off in the semi-finals of the upper grid of the closed qualifier DreamLeague Season 23 in Eastern Europe. The match , which started on March 21 at 12:00, ended with a sensational victory of "Born to Win" with a score of 2:0 over the current champions The International.

A great debut of the updated NAVI line-up

The main star of both cards was the new carry of the Ukrainian club - Artem " yuragi " Golubev. First, he showed a fantastic performance on Faceless Void, and then an impressive performance on Sven. It is also worth noting the play of the new mider Sukhbat " sanctity- " Otgondavaa, who was unable to attend his team's bootcamp in Berlin, and plays with a ping of 200+ from home. Despite this, the Mongolian player plays at the level of world champions, and at times even surpasses his opponent in the middle line.

With this win, NAVI advance to the finals of the upper bracket of the DreamLeague Season 23: Eastern Europe Closed Qualifie r, where they will face their next opponent, Virtus, today at 20:00. Pro . - made with love.