Save used a bug during ESL One Birmingham 2024 for which BetBoom Team received a penalty
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Vitaly " Save " Melnyk, the captain of BetBoom Team , used a bug with the Shadow Demon ultimate during the first map of the group stage of ESL One Birmingham 2024 against G2.iG. For this, ESL immediately penalized BetBoom Team for 70 seconds during the draft stage on the second map against G2.iG, although they could well have given the team a technical defeat.

Save decided to use a bug that appeared with the release of the Crownfall update , when after buying the Aghanims Shard, he managed to pump his ultimate to level three, when his hero was only level 12. The organizers considered this violation as a second-level penalty, although the team could well have suffered the maximum penalty and received a technical defeat.

Despite this, BetBoom Team still lost both the first map on which the bug was used and the next, and lost the match 2-0. So even using this bug did not help BetBoom, but only once again damaged the reputation of the team.

If we recall last year, BetBoom already violated the rules of the tournament, when, for example, during the Bali Major 2023 , the then player of the team, Ivan " Pure " Moskalenko, watched the stream of the match during the team's draft stage, for which he was also punished. - made with love.