Team Spirit set a world record for victories in Dota 2
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Team Spirit set a new record in the Dota 2 discipline during the first game day at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 . they managed to stay undefeated more than anyone, and win the most series in a row.

Team Spirit players and their record-breaking run.

The reigning world champions demonstrated their best game against nouns, beating the North American representatives with a score of 2:0. The win was the team's 21st straight and 31st unbeaten streak

Spirit's last defeat was during Riyadh Masters 2023 , when PSG Quest representatives were able to stop them - the game ended with a score of 0:2. But it's worth noting that overall this tournament was more than successful for Ilya " Yatoro " Mulyarchuk and the team, as Spirit ended up winning the tournament and taking home $5 million.

At the moment, Team Spirit failed to break only one record for the number of consecutive map victories, and this achievement is still held by the legendary Newbee team, which managed to go 28 maps in a row without defeat. But it seems that Spirit will not be able to break this record in the near future, because at the moment their winstreak is 4 maps.

"We're lucky. It's a fun little streak. I don't think any of us have it in our heads during matches or practice. It's fun. Hopefully we can go 50-0. Who knows..." - Yatoro.

Can anyone stop this team?

Despite the Spirit's completely botched start to the 2023 season, their return to Riyadh was the start of a grand comeback, with wins in the DreamLeague S21 Grand Finals and a second The International title.

After such a marathon, the Spirit were really surprised by their absence fromESL One Kuala Lumpur , but the time off was appropriate. History shows that after a rest, the team returns with new forces and the desire to win. Their success at DreamLeague Season 22 and ESL One Birmingham 2024 qualifiers is testament to that, as the two-time world champions breezed through them.

The team is showing no signs of weakness right now, and given that Valve has put the tournament in the hands of all other organizers, Spirit will increasingly show themselves on the international stage, and if they continue their streak, it will be an undisputed dominance of the team in the tier-1 scene. - made with love.