Taiga has announced that he is leaving the professional Dota 2 scene
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25-year-old support player from Norway, Tommy " Taiga " Le, has announced on Twitter that he is retiring from professional Dota 2. He currently plans to become a full-time streamer and coach on the side.

Taiga plans to become a streamer

Taiga left Bleed eSports after a string of bad results in December 2023, and the player has been without a team since then. And while the decision to leave Dota 2 is usually a huge step in the life of any eSports player, Taiga's new career path has overshadowed the event. Tyga shared that he is now becoming a full streamer on both Twitch and Kick, the latter of which is known for its gaming streams.

Although Taiga has ended his competitive career, he has continued to compete in ranked Dota 2 matches. The seasoned fourth seed has won nearly 1,000 MMRs, scoring between 10,000 and 11,000 points in the last ten days, a remarkable achievement. Next, the former OG player plans to reach his goal of 12,000 in front of his Twitch audience. He also launched a private coaching service on Metafy that is available to anyone.

"Retired, full-time streamer grinding 12k next for fun. By the way, 'retired' probably isn't quite the right word, but I'm taking a long hiatus from racing at the moment. I'm currently into pub grinding and streaming for you guys," Taiga on Twitter/X.

Problems with gaming addiction

Unfortunately, Taiga's gameplay in OG started to deteriorate last year. Ultimately, the eSports player was moved to the inactive OG roster with no reason given. In October 2023, Tyga tweeted about his gaming addiction, which consumed his life. Not only was he unable to concentrate on playing Dota, his compulsive habit also began to affect his relationships with his family.

In a rather candid post on TwitLonger, Tyga shared that he lost almost all of his tournament money to gambling. After some time, the player announced that he was motivated to return to professional Dota, but after the stellar on paper Bleed lineup failed at the Southeast Asian qualifiers forESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 , the Norwegian returned home.

Taiga's career achievements

At the highest level, Taiga shined in three organizations known for their victories at TI: Alliance , Team Liquid , and OG . Although Taiga was not the most successful Dota player in the world, he did win several tier 1 tournaments. The peak of his career came in 2022 as part of OG.

Taiga's most notable achievements include:

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