Multiple team visa issues for PGL Wallachia 2024: Tundra and Blacklist to miss tournament, Falcons to start again without a mider
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At PGL Wallachia 2024: Season 1, there were numerical problems with the participation of teams and some players, due to problems with obtaining a visa to Romania. Team Falcons were the first to report possible problems, because problems arose with their mider Stanislav "Malr1ne" Potorak. Next in line were Tundra Esports and Blacklist Rivals, who could not come to the tournament at all, and now the organizers have given their slots to other participants.

Tundra will not enter the tournament and will be replaced by Mouz

Tundra Esports , which qualified for the tournament, was forced to withdraw due to visa issues. The representatives of the organization reported that they could not get the necessary documents by the deadline, and the team could not declare a full squad for the competition, although they could attract a stand-in. According to preliminary information, team captain Ivan " Pure " Moskalenko had visa problems. As a result, Mouz was invited to replace Tundra Esports in the main part of the tournament.

OG gave up the slot themselves

The situation with the OG team is also worth noting, because they were the first to go to Tundra Esports and they had no problems with obtaining visas, but the team decided not to participate, since they did not qualify at first and all members of the team decided to use this time to solve personal problems affairs, which was the reason for their absence at this tournament. In this case, OG could be considered lucky, because they got to the previous tournament ESL One Birmingham 2024 precisely because of visa problems at 1win .

The Falcons will once again start without a center

In addition, Team Falcons faced a similar problem: their mider, Stanislav " Malr1ne " Potorak, had visa problems and from now on the team has to compete in the tournament with a replacement, but this is not the first time that the Falcons have faced a similar situation. Previously, Malr1ne had difficulties with obtaining a visa to Great Britain, for the ESL One Birmingham 2024 tournament and the team's standin was declared Sayed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan. However, the Falcons mainstay was able to join his team during the second day of the group stage. Maybe this time everything will go according to the same scenario, but more information will be known later.

Azure Ray will take the place of Blacklist Rivalry

Visa problems affected not only European teams, but also the South-East Asian region. Due to the same visa issues , Blacklist Rivalry will be absent from PGL Wallachia Season 1. Despite the extension of the deadline by the organizers, the players did not manage to receive the necessary documents in time, and the team will not be able to participate in the tournament. In addition, no team from the same region had suitable documents, so Azure Ray took their place, who had active visas and were ready to arrive in Romania on time.

We remind you that PGL Wallachia Season 1 will be held from May 10 to 19 in Bucharest, Romania. 16 teams will participate in the tournament, and the prize fund will amount to one million dollars. - made with love.