Team Falcons are champions of ESL One Birmingham 2024
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Team Falcons is not going to cut corners in the 2024 Dota 2 season, winning yet another title — ESL One Birmingham 2024 . Despite starting the tournament without their Stanislav " Malr1ne " Potorak, they managed to wait for their mider and make it to the playoffs.

Team Falcons' difficult path to the playoffs, and total dominance on the final day

However, in the final stage, their path was thorny, as after losing to Tundra Esports in the semi-finals of the upper bracket, the team was on the verge of relegation in the lower bracket. Despite this, they managed to defeat Team Liquid and then OG to advance to the final day.

On the final day of the tournament, the Falcons were on top as they first got their revenge on Tundra by beating them 2-0 in the lower bracket finals before crushing BetBoom Team 3-0 in the grand finals.

The most interesting thing about the title game was that the first two maps BetBoom dominated the early part of the map thanks to the mid Keeper of the Light. But in the middle of the game, the Falcons turned the game around and finished with the victory, despite the fact that the advantage in kills was with their opponents.

On the third, and as it turned out, the last map, the Falcons were already "not playing with their food" and dominated the map from the very beginning, thanks to the fat heroes in their pool, namely: ATF on Mars, Malr1ne on Timbersaw and skiter on Dragon Knight. In 40 minutes, the Falcons did not make a single mistake and became the champions of ESL One Birmingham 2024. For BetBoom, it was their second consecutive top-flight finish, and the second Grand Final loss to the Falcons in 2024.

Falcons early qualification for Riyadh Masters 2024

Thanks to their victory, Team Falcons earned $300,000 and 6,400 EPT points, which was enough for early qualification to Riyadh Masters 2024 . At the same time, BetBoom Team earned 175,000 dollars and 4,800 EPT points, but it is no longer important for them, because they have already received their invitation to Riyadh, based on the results of the last tournament from ESL — DreamLeague Season 22 .

Team Falcons Championship Lineup:

  • Oliver "skiter" Lepko

  • Stanislav "Malr1ne" Potorak

  • Amar "ATF" al-Assaf

  • Andreas "Cr1t-" Frank Nielsen

  • Jingjun "Sneyking" Wu - made with love.